Final Blog Post for Introduction to Construction

Based off of what I wanted to learn and what I actually learned, I can say that I learned a lot more material than what I was originally anticipating. I also think most of the things I wanted to learn didn’t actually fit in with the criteria of the class. We covered a lot in this class, so much to the point where I can’t really pinpoint what exactly construction engineering is. There was a bit of structural, a bit of construction management, as well as some other things which included using Revit, etc. I think the material learned overall were all very valuable, however, I wasn’t a fan of the layout of how we learned things. Personally I would have like to bunch together construction management/planning with the ethics portion and then go onto actual construction such as building walls, foundations, etc. I felt like I needed to jump back and forth due to the layout for some reason but that may just be me.

The Food Build project that we did in class was interesting. Unfortunately, I was part of the team that didn’t get chosen to bid so I’m not exactly sure what the experience would have been beyond just the designing phase. However, I was able to learn about the process of RFIs and drawings/specs as well. So overall I believe I have gotten a very brief experience on what it would actually be like at work.

From doing both the K’NEX exercise and Food Build, I believe it would be beneficial to just do one of them. Although the K’NEX was a lot shorter than the Food Build, I believe it did a decent job on simulating DBB and DB projects. On the other hand, Food Build went into more detail and I was able to experience how much of a pain it is to get everything in order. But, in my opinion, just one should suffice.

I enjoyed the class overall. I just felt like I just got a handful of everything, which ended up confusing me… I’m not a good learner when I can’t figure out what the bigger picture looks like, especially when there are a lot of smaller pictures everywhere. I, however, especially enjoyed being able to learn Revit and trying out new functions that I didn’t learn in the summer.




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