Construction Hazards

For my list of potential construction hazards, I mainly only covered things that can occur on the surface. So I  included, vehicular impact, falling objects, fires, electrocution, hazardous waste, etc. I didn’t take into account subsurface hazards.

Out of the list of OSHA videos that I watched I was mainly surprised about the trenching hazard. I didn’t really consider trenches when I was making my list but new utility lines need to be installed or old ones updated. In such cases trenches need to be dug and the hazard of being buried alive was not a consideration I made.

One hazard that wasn’t included in the videos that I listed, although not a fatality, was hearing impairment from sound.

For the most part, I got a lot of the hazards listed in the reading. Again, much like how I missed some in the videos I did not consider over water construction.

To be completely honest, I believe that I didn’t take into account subsurface and over water construction in to consideration because I personally am not interested int those…. which is not excuse, I should know them regardless of whether or not I am interested. However, I did gravitate to some of the topics that were the most impactful when I took the OSHA 10 hour and things I personally considered when I was on construction sites.



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