Library Scavenger Hunt

We were assigned to do a scavenger hunt in the library for my Introduction to Construction course. Although I should probably say that most of the scavenging was done inside books/reference materials as opposed the actually library itself, different from elementary school (what a surprise).

When I got the assignment I wasn’t really sure how to feel about it. I brought a friend with me so that we can both work on it, mainly because we figured it’ll take a while to look for everything. To my surprise, the directions were really straightforward and easy to understand. It was formatted so that you will naturally read through some of the sections while you were look for the keywords. Although we got one of the questions wrong on the quiz, everything else went smoothly.

For the couple of last questions it was asking for the definitions of the words “Transom” and “Project.” All you really had to do was look through the book with definitions of construction terms, but we googled the words first. I thought it was funny because the two options available for the words were either the one in google or the book (clever, almost fell for it).

However, I did realize that I heavily rely on google when it comes to defining stuff… or anything in general. The only reason I go to libraries is to study, otherwise I don’t really need to go… or so I thought. When you start to learn more about your field you learn that terms that are generally used in public have a completely different or slight different meaning/nuance to them. I’ll probably go check out the book and read it a bit more, not in too much depth, but enough to at least see which words have different definitions so that I can at least recognize the fact that when that word is used it doesn’t mean what I am traditionally used to.









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