Food Build – Construction Documents

For the Introduction to Construction course, we were tasked to read a chapter about cost estimating.

I am a part of the design team for the Food Build so my team was recently in charge of submitting a construction document to the construction teams. To my knowledge, we didn’t include too much detail in the documents. And to be completely honest, we may have been too vague.

I haven’t done any major cost estimates in my internships as of yet but I have done them at small scales. They were extremely preliminary so I was told not to worry about the details too much. Just measure the areas in AutoCAD and make a cost estimate based off the square footage I measured.

There was a factor that I didn’t see in the reading that could potentially increase the cost of construction. It’s also something we really don’t need to consider for the Food Build, which is natural disasters. In reality, we need to deal with any sort of natural disaster depending on the region. It can range from earthquakes to heavy rain. Even something as minor as heavy rain can affect the construction for residential homes. The considerations and material that need to be procured will change significantly. For areas with high humidity, vapor barriers need to be considered so that buildings don’t rot from the inside out.

Should I consider any sort of “disasters” for the Food Build? I guess if you consider the build is being built for the purpose of being devoured, I really shouldn’t worry too much about any additional factors of safety… Maybe make it extra study so that it doesn’t crumble in the car.


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