Christ Cathedral

I recently wrote about going to a conference in Anaheim. Although I briefly wrote about the contents of the conference and what I did/learned, I didn’t write about what I experienced outside of the conference when I had time.

Upon arrival, and on our way to the hotel, I think I saw about five Disneyland advertising billboards. I figured, because it was so well known at this point, I wouldn’t see too much but that really wasn’t the case. Another thing I was surprised about was that the city seemed to revolve around Disneyland. The shuttles at the hotel didn’t even go to the airport… it only went to the Happiest Place on Earth. It must be a scheme of some sort to keep you from leaving.

Aside from the hundreds of Mickey Mouses (people wearing their Mickey Mouse ear hats) I saw through out my time in the Hotel, one structure caught my eye. As the sun was setting it shined brightly and erratically. It looked like a spire of light that reflected rays in different directions and angles. So, naturally a couple of us went to check it out. It was just a 15 minute walk from the hotel so it was a nice opportunity to see the city as well. When we got there we found out that it was a structure for the cathedral. The main building, which is the giant glass structure you can see in the featured image, seemed to be under construction… it was fenced off so we just walked straight towards the spire.

Here’s what we saw:


From what we observed it seemed to be a metal structure with polished metal on the exterior, cladding the interior, which were white pipes forming a truss. Although you couldn’t really go to the “top” of this structure (legally) we were able to observe it from the bottom. I’m not really sure what the technical term is called but there was a dome like building inside of it all. It’s the stone structure you can see a little bit of in the picture below.


I always enjoy looking for things that aren’t really the attraction of the city. Tourist attractions tend to be overcrowded and I can never enjoy them because of all the distractions and people. I purposely get lost sometimes to find these types of “diamond in a rough” structures and then just call a taxi/Uber to take me back. It’s more interesting to find something not everyone knows about than going somewhere everyone has been to in my opinion.

It was a pleasant experience overall. There were tiles all along the campus with quotes from the bible which were on top of an plan view of the glass structure (I was surprised I noticed that detail).


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