Taking the OSHA 10 Hour Exam

I recently completed the OSHA 10 hour course to get my certificate. It was Presidents day weekend and Colorado School of Mines was gracious enough to offer two extra days off instead of the usual Monday. I don’t have classes on Fridays so I technically had a five day weekend, more than enough time to knock this out.

I signed up the Friday and to my luck, the exam was being discounted. The usual price of $90 was reduced to just $70!…which is approximately a 20% discount… which isn’t much if you really think about it… 20 dollars saved for groceries nonetheless.

On to the exam. I took about 11 hours to complete the exam. My original plan was to break it down and just complete two hours a day. I thought it was a pretty loose schedule and with the five day weekend I would be done during this break. I did as planned on Friday but when the actual weekend started (Saturday Sunday) I just really wanted to complete it so that my break would actually be a break. Despite how little two hours a day is, the thought of having to complete something was producing enough stress for me. So, I did it in three days.

The format of the exam was nice. It read the through the bullet points and gave a little extra information. I’m not sure if the narration was done by an actual person or by a bot, but regardless the narration wasn’t that bad (I fell asleep a couple of times though). The quizzes were easy as long as you listened closely and I didn’t really have to take any notes. I took a couple screenshots here and there for slides with heavy loads of information, but other than that, I didn’t really do too much extra work.

I did have a couple of issues with how the exam was formatted and how the system worked. Because you can’t move at your own pace, you are forced to listen to the narration before you can move on. I couldn’t skim through the information I was already well versed in. Sitting through something you already know is not that fun, especially when the topic is a little dry (really dry actually, I don’t see how this would be enjoyable for anyone). Another issue I had was that the narration was a bit finicky at times. I would wait 10 seconds before the narration would start or longer for some pages. I would start reading the page individually but as soon as the narration started, my concentration broke. I sat on my ripped up office chair, listening to someone reiterate what I just read.

I understand that this exam is made to be completed by pretty much anyone. They would just need some common sense, some education, and A computer with internet connection to complete it. However, being able to move at your own pace would be nice. If the format is changed so that you can work at your own pace, the quizzes should change each time you take it so that you can’t “cheat” your way through completion. I got below a 70% for one of the quizzes and was surprised that the quiz didn’t change at all. It was the exact same. All I had to do was memorize the solution for the answer I didn’t get and I was done… easy 100%.

The experience, although dry, was not that bad if I had to be completely honest. The progress bar at the bottom and the “time spent” gauge was a nice way to see my progress and was what mainly kept me concentrated and driven to complete it. I don’t really want to think about taking the 30 hour exam, hopefully I won’t have to, even if it’s not too bad of an experience.


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