Conceptual Design Presentation

For the Introduction to Construction Course, we are starting a project that will last the rest of the semester. The main premise of the project is to split the class into 5 design teams and 4 construction teams and to build a structure out of food. I am a part of the design team.

For our project we have decided on designing an on campus building, referred to as CTLM. And today, we presented a concept design to the class and the construction teams.

The main issue that my team had when making the slides for the presentation was that we weren’t sure what information we needed to include. We included what building we were going to replicate, what the structure was going to be mainly made out of and the budget. However, that wasn’t the case for the other teams. Some teams didn’t include an estimated budget, while some included a full drawing of how to build certain portions of their building. The discontinuity for each presentation made it hard to focus on what the main purpose of these presentations were

Overall, I enjoyed listening to everyone’s design and what they wanted to build them out of. Some were comical which made it very fun to listen to and I personally think the teams that made it somewhat entertaining or just had a creative suggestion to how they were planning on going about the project did the best. So, far I’ve enjoyed this project. It’s nice because we get to design something and then share it with everyone. I look forward to seeing the designs complete as well as consuming them… as long as I don’t get food poisoning.


One thought on “Conceptual Design Presentation

  1. Interesting feedback, thanks. I had asked the design teams to use the CoorsTek Concept Design report as a model, so I definitely expected drawings and a budget, given the ~20-30 person-hour allocation per team. I also was surprised that no teams submitted an RFI to clarify expectations. Lots to think about…


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