Anaheim CI Conference Day 3: Final Day

For the final day of the conference, I attended the Finance and Delivery in the 21st Century Utilizing Alternative Delivery Methods and Private Participation, session… what a mouthful. This was presented by Justin Weisberg and Ron Zirtenkopf, who are both engineers with their professional engineering license. Zirtenkopf is also an attorney.

For this session they were talking about a new project delivery method created by the EJCDC or Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee. The new method was called Progressive-Design-Build, as opposed to Design-Build, Design-Bid-Build, or the other options available. Weisberg and Zirtenkopf talked about how this new delivery method may benefit as a new style, however, because of my lack of a deep understanding on project deliveries, I couldn’t follow the session much at all. I just clearly remember that as Weisberg was presenting, one person in the crowd started to ask questions and stated that their project delivery method will not work or was not a good alternative that engineers will want to use… ever. That happened at around 10 minutes in the session and… it definitely killed the presenter’s enthusiasm for the rest of the time. It morphed into just reading off the slide and seemed like he just wanted to leave after being “interrogated” in front of everyone.

I hate to say it but I didn’t really learn much from this session… The hardest thing to sit through is an unmotivated speaker and that really started to take away from my own attention span. Although very minimal, here’s what I can still recall from the session:

“Progressive-Design-Build has two stages:

  1. Stage 1 -Preliminary: includes the studies and planning of the project
  2. Stage 2 -Completion: starts after the agreement on a completed price

The owner has a lot of control for this delivery method and because of the progressive estimate, it allows the project to be tailored specifically to the owner’s budget.”

It seemed like the purpose of this delivery method was an emphasis on the owner’s freedom and customization.”

If there is anything that I learned, it’s to not take things personally if you’re presenting in front of people if they start to question and berate you with comments on your topic.


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