Design-Bid-Build Simulation

We read about bidding and procurement for the Introduction to Construction course. In the reading, it went into depth about how the bidding process works and how contractors confirm that the services that they said they will provide get completed, as well as fulfill their promise on their end with the subcontractors. Based off of that reading, we did a Design-Bid-Build Simulation that was adopted from the construction management course of the United States Military Academy.

The main aspects of this project/mini-game was to create a proposal simulating what you would actually do in real life and submit it to the client. The client will then approve of the design and the construction team, which were groups of students, were to proceed to building the bridge. Depending on how much time the teams proposed and how much they said the profit will be the winner was chosen.

To be honest, I was confused for a decent part of the project. I understood what we needed to do, I just didn’t quite understand how I should be filling in the information for the proposal. Especially the portion that said to fill in the amount of profit to be gained. I wasn’t sure if we could just put an absurdly high number (it probably wouldn’t have been approved by the client)¬†instead of the traditional 3-5% profit. I also wasn’t sure how the winner was chosen. It plainly seemed like the winner was chosen because they finished the bridge the fastest but that didn’t make much sense to me. You would probably receive a bonus of some sort for completing the project early but that amount wasn’t determined anywhere in the proposal. So, based off of the information I was given for the project, the team that set their profit to be the largest percentage would have won. Again, this could completely just be me misunderstanding the whole project.

Because part of the project was timed, we needed to have a member from our team leave to time other groups. I was the one to leave for this project so I had no idea how the construction process was going and before I knew it, the entirety of this project ended with me just watching another team construct as I had my finger “standing-by” on my phone screen. Although this is the only way to prevent teams from cheating, I still didn’t feel like I was taking part of the project as much as I should have been.



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