Checking Out Construction Sites

For our intro to construction course we were given the task to search for a construction site. A scavenger hunt, just a little bit larger than the Easter egg hunts we did as children.

My group and I went around the downtown Denver area. Because were are currently learning about substructures the main objective was to find a site that was still in the foundation construction phase. Despite all the cranes and construction fences erected throughout the city, finding a site that was still preparing the substructure was more difficult that expected. Most of the sites were already building the superstructure, getting into details such as curtain walls, storefronts, exterior walls and interior partitions.


After walking for about two and a half hours, we found a site near the union station. There we observed that a sinkhole had formed in the middle of the construction site(we have no idea if it was indeed a sinkhole, but I would assume this is a decent assumption to make as it was in the dead center of the site). After staring at the site for a bout thirty minutes several questions arose. Because this site seemed to be built upon a site that formerly had a building above it how did they decide to reuse the foundation footings? How were they installing the utilities? What were they going to do about the sinkhole that was most likely unexpected and adjust their schedule to stay on time? It was surprising how many questions you can come up with just from learning a bit and observing.



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