Continuation on Learning Revit

As a continuation on the last post, we proceeded to work on the Revit assignment in-class on Monday 1/30/2017. I was able to concentrate and complete the assignment this time so that was a plus. I didn’t talk about what it was last time, I don’t think… The assignment was essentially to create a 3D rendition of a basic home. It utilized concepts we learned from watching construction videos as well as reading about some. Here is a screenshot of what was completed:


I didn’t do anything extraordinary, but I did get a good review and a general understanding on how to continue on with my personal project learning Revit. I’ve remembered some of the commands and how to use them, as well as some that I found I use frequently such as the WT command which tiles the windows:


Using this as practice (which I like to be able to do without the instructions) I want to try a different/challenging design. Not something too out of my league but I would like to start from scratch a design a floor plan and make that using Revit.


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