Learning About Platform Frame Construction

I recently watched a video for the Intro to Construction course which explained about the process of platform frame construction. In addition to the video with the explanation, a time-lapse film was shown where students from the University of Auburn construct a house using platform frame construction. I have posted the video.

In the explanation video, the foundations were formed from pouring concrete. Depending on the construction or type of house the footing would change. For light wood frame construction, the typical method of foundation construction would be to pour concrete into a hole/trench and then wait for it to cure. Once cured, the concrete would have anchor bolts attached at regular intervals so that the superstructure/sill plates can be secured. In the time-lapse video, the same general method was used. However, these foundation piles were raised off of the ground, most likely to prevent excessive moisture from coming in contact with the wood.

The superstructure was again, constructed similarly to how it was explained in the video. Because a basement wasn’t included in the time-lapse construction, a large steel girder was not used, but the main floor plan of the home was divided into two large sections to reduce the need for large beams/joists. It didn’t seem like they installed any sort of sill plate, but they did add rim joists around the perimeter once the joists themselves were secured in place. In order to prevent any lateral torsional buckling the joists were then secured again by, which looked like, plywood.



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