Learning Revit, Kind of…

The week of January 22, 2017.

The Introduction to Construction Course had the opportunity to learn Revit, which is a CAD program specifically for the structural aspect of civil engineering. We were given a page crammed with approximately eight pages worth of information on how to get comfortable with this program.

I was one of the students that had prior experience using Revit, albeit, very minimal. However, to my surprise, even a small prior exposure can make the learning curve for any program less steep. I was able to help out some of my peers and explain how to do some of the functions, as well as help out those whose specialize in not reading instructions.

I love to help out in class environments. I’ve tutored students in the summer as well as aided as a teacher’s assistant for the civil engineering field session last year and discovered that teaching is something I enjoy, as long as I am comfortable with whatever I am helping with. This, “I want to help out my peers as best as I can” feeling kind of back-fired on me this class period. I ended up not getting most of my own work done. I’ll just have to catch up outside of class or try to not help out so much next time…




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